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11 Plus Maths Preparation

General Information for preparing 11 plus Maths

11 Plus Maths

11 plus maths syllabus covers key concepts from KS2 ( year 5 & year 6) plus some concepts which are beyond year 5 and year 6, which is especially applicable for the highly selective secondary grammar schools such as St Olaves. These 11 plus papers for maths, test students on advance understanding of core concepts beyond KS2 coverage, though the syllabus is broadly based on the National Curriculum guidelines. The exam can also include more challenging maths questions relating to high level SATS. These more challenging questions may have more weightage and are generally placed towards the end of the question paper.

The key idea in the 11 plus maths papers is to test the core mathematical concepts, using problem solving type questions to get an objective understanding of the child’s ability to understand and come to a solution. to various questions by application of one or more core concept under a time pressured environment is the typical testing style of most of the 11 plus exams. So accuracy along with speed is also important. where pupils need to understand and apply mathematical concepts. The core skill that the child needs is a solid foundation in basic mathematical concepts such they can confidently apply them, in different problem setting, with clarity.

The examinations format varies depending on which type of examination your child is appearing for. Broadly speaking the paper format can be of two types as below:
1) MULTIPLE CHOICE where the student has to select the correct answer from 4 different alternatives provided.
2) STANDARD PAPER where the student has to show his workings and come to the correct answer. No alternatives are provided here.

11 Plus Maths Topics

Pupils are tested on a wide variety of topics in the maths papers for 11 plus exams. we at Elite 11 Plus Tuitions focus on developing a strong foundation in following areas :
Understanding and development of problem-solving skills in number line, place value, fraction and percentage along with number operations i.e. addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

  • Understanding and development of problem solving skills in ratio and proportion and process of coming to a solution using multiplication , division, scale factor or percentage. Focus is on special techniques to solve problem quickly.
  • Understanding and development of problem solving skills in algebra using various methods involving equation solving and word problems.
  • Understanding and development of problem solving skills in measurement using various methods involving conversion of standard units measurements of length, mass, volume and time. Learning various 2D or 3D shapes and volume & area calculation and measurements in 2 or 3 dimensions ie x,y and z axis.
  • Understanding and development of problem solving skills in statistics & data handling using models like pie charts , line graphs and grids/tables. Calculation and interpretation of arithmetic mean and related concepts.
  • Understanding and development of problem solving skills in Speed and distance related problems.

11 Plus Maths Revision

We believe that it’s is imperative that the pupils are able to thoroughly revise all the maths topics before they appear for 11 plus exams and we are here to help them achieve this. During all our study stages, we regularly provide our students with 11 plus maths worksheets so that they can test their ability in maths.
Our carefully designed tuition program covers all relevant topics and students feel fully equipped with all the knowledge and exam taking skills before they appear for the tests.  At the end of 2 years of rigorous preparation at Elite Tuitions, students are fully confident to appear for the top grammar school tests in areas like Bromley ,Bexley, Sutton and Kent and hopefully pass with flying colours. We provide tuitions to pupils specifically targeting  St. Olave’s & Newstead Wood in Orpington, Kent grammar schools, Wilson, Wallington and Sutton grammar schools and Bexley grammar school.

Maths – 11 Plus for Parents

Parents who wish to prepare their child for the 11 Plus exams will need to first assess their child’s ability in 11 plus maths arena. Elite 11 plus tuition have their own methodology to assess the child’s current level of skills and understanding of maths. This helps us to design a bespoke pathway for your child so that they can finally reach the expected standards towards the end of the 11+ tuition program. We at Elite 11 plus tuitions, assess various aspects of the child’s current ability which makes it easier for us to analyse their progress along the way. Parents , if you child is in year 4 and you are thinking of starting their preparation for 11 plus exams then below are some guidelines for you.

Maths – 11 plus preparation for year 4 :

  • Focus on developing good study habits. Elite 11 plus tuitions provides well tested strategies and framework in this matter.
  • Focus on developing mental maths calculation skills so that the child can develop his or her speed.
  • Proficiency in maths times table skills.
  • Developing proficiency in day to day general maths, simple maths problems relating to in daily life eg addition, subtraction, multiplication etc.
  • Proficiency in number bonds

Maths – 11 plus preparation year 5:

  • The child needs to practice past test papers from various reputed publishers.
  • Parents should help set up a regular schedule for the child to revise and practice papers. At Elite 11 plus tuitions we provide our strategies and framework in this matter.
  • Parent should encourage the child to check their work and focus on resolving any problems which they might encounter.
  • Parents should not pressurise the child in any way rather try to boost their confidence.
  • Parents should keep their focus on improvement and help the child  work on the specific areas of weakness till the child develops mastery and is confident.

Elite 11 plus Tuition offers courses starting from Year 4 and continued in Year 5 till the end of examination. Super selective schools and schools where there is an intense competition to secure a place, the maths paper will include several questions which go beyond the typical KS2 national curriculum. We believe that  it is helpful to make the child cognizant of some advance level questions. At Elite 11 plus tuitions , we will provide our bank of advance and difficult questions and the related strategies and framework to work on these type of advance mathematical questions effectively and efficiently. Elite 11 plus tuitions pays special focus on worded problems and developing skills and strategies to solve them. Overall the child needs to develop skills in analytical and logical deductive thinking.

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We sincerely believe that your childs well being is important as we think 11 plus preparation can be stressfull for most kids. Some children are naturally skilled in dealing with additional pressure on account of 11 plus while there may be some kids who might feel stressed and show performance anxiety. We at Elite 11 Plus Tuition have teachers who are fully qualified UK teachers and who have experience in working with children to alleviate their stress and provide techniques and strategies to reduce preformance stress and increase mental sharpness.

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