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Non Verbal Reasoning 11+ Preparation

General Information for preparing for Non Verbal Reasoning 11+

Non Verbal Reasoning 11+

The non verbal reasoning 11 plus test checks the child’s ability to understand, interpret and analyse the visual data presented and solve problems using visual reasoning. The questions in non verbal reasoning tests come as diagrams or pictures where the child is expected use his reasoning to recognise patterns ,shapes and other visual elements rather than words. In other words non – verbal reasoning in 11 plus is primarily used to assess the problem solving ability using pictures and diagrams. Student is expected to have skills  to analyse, classify or organise the  visual information and solve problems based on visual reasoning. A typical example of a question type is where the student is  asked to look at a set of diagrams and find the odd one out.
Non Verbal reasoning test are generally a good indicator of natural intelligence.
At Elite 11 plus tuitions we help our students to develop the ability to analyse and evaluate visual/pictorial information and look for word relationship and concept recognition. We develop the child’s skill in solving pictorial problems based on series, analogy and classification and so on. In our experience, for a child to do well in a non-verbal reasoning test, needs to display a good spatial awareness and imagination.


Non Verbal Reasoning Practice

Most of the non verbal reasoning pdf , worksheets and free papers, have questions where the child is asked to find relationship between objects, apply logical reasoning based on some criteria, have ability to make logical deduction and should have a good understanding of geometrical concepts like rotation, symmetry and in some cases 3d objects. Some children have a natural ability and are comfortable in solving such kind of problems. For others, consistent practice and exposure to various question types is required to enable them with the requisite skills to encounter non verbal reasoning questions.
Non verbal reasoning papers require good spatial awareness and it is a skill that some children are born with. For those who do not, it is still possible to learn good techniques by regular practice, by learning  non verbal reasoning tricks etc. The approach to tackle any non verbal questions for 11+  has to be systematic, methodical and logical.
Some core non verbal skills that the child needs a solid foundation are as below:

  1. Development of non verbal skill to analyse and solve complex problems without relying оn оr bеіng limited bу language skills.
  2. Development of non verbal  skill to assess the visual change in pattern by asking relevant  questions like what is changing, how it is changing ,what  is being deducted etc…
  3. Development of non verbal skill of making logical inferences based on visual information.

Our carefully designed tuition program covers all relevant 11+ verbal reasoning topics and students feel fully equipped with all the knowledge and exam taking skills before they appear for the tests.  At the end of 2 years of rigorous preparation at Elite Tuitions, students are fully confident to appear for high ranking grammar school tests in areas like Bromley, Bexley, Sutton and Kent and hopefully pass with flying colours. We provide tuitions to pupils specifically targeting St. Olave’s & Newstead.


Non Verbal Reasoning 11 Plus for Parents

Parents who wish to prepare their child for the 11 Plus exams will first need to  assess their child’s ability in 11 plus non verbal reasoning subject.  Elite 11 plus tuition have their own methodology to assess the child’s current level of skills and understanding of non verbal reasoning type questions. This helps us to design a bespoke pathway for your child, so that they can reach the expected standards towards the end of the 11+ tuition program. We at Elite 11 plus tuitions, assess various aspects of the child’s current ability which makes it easier for us to analyse their progress along the way.


Non Verbal Reasoning For Year 4

  • Parents should introduce the child to sample non verbal reasoning questions which are specifically designed for children in year 4. Parents should see if the child if comfortable to solve the question or is he struggling. If the child is struggling the parents must ensure that they have regular sessions with he child helping them solve the problems as if tacking a puzzle together. Non Verbal reasoning skill is the one skill that is not as easy to acquire as literacy and numeracy may be, and requires extensive exposure and practice, as it goes beyond typical language word processing skills and mathematical ability.
  • Parents should  try to engage with activities that can help to develop a child’s visual ability, non-verbal reasoning skills  & spatial awareness. Generally, a range of activities involving Jigsaws, model-making kits, interlocking puzzles, and visual logic games , Sudoku are  found helpful in this regard. There are many online apps and games also which stimulate the child’s ability to process information visually and find hidden patterns.


Non Verbal Reasoning For Year 5

  • At the beginning of year 5, parents can introduce the child to practice past non verbal pdf sample papers available from a variety of reputed publishers.
  • Elite 11 plus tuitions will provide our strategies and framework to help the child practice non verbal reasoning tests questions and we expect parents to help the child into a weekly schedule to be able to achieve regularity.
  • It is highly recommended that parents should encourage the child to explore a variety of games which help them visualise various combinations of structures and patterns.

Elite 11 plus Tuition offers courses starting from Year 4 and continued in Year 5 till the end of examination.
Super selective schools and schools with an intense competition to secure a place, the non verbal reasoning  paper will include several questions which will stretch the students’ knowledge of non verbal reasoning skills at the 11 plus level.


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We sincerely believe that your childs well being is important as we think 11 plus preparation can be stressfull for most kids. Some children are naturally skilled in dealing with additional pressure on account of 11 plus while there may be some kids who might feel stressed and show performance anxiety. We at Elite 11 Plus Tuition have teachers who are fully qualified UK teachers and who have experience in working with children to alleviate their stress and provide techniques and strategies to reduce preformance stress and increase mental sharpness.

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