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Nonsuch High School (Girls) 11+

General Information for preparing  Nonsuch High School (Girls) 11+

About Nonsuch High School

Nonsuch High School is located in the borough Epsom and Ewell in Cheam area in London.Nonsuch was named after the Palace build by Henry VIII that once stood in the park in the sixteenth century. The school opened in 1938. Nonsuch High School has is an academy with specialist science and language school status. The school prides itself for its broad and balanced approach in developing skills like Maths, Science, the arts, language and literature but at same time encouraging students in soft skills like Creativity and public speaking. It is a very popular selective grammar school for girls and one generally finds high competition among aspiring students to get a place in this school. The school has an oversubscription criteria for admission.


London Borough London – Borough of Epsom and Ewell in Cheam area
School Address Nonsuch High School for Girls,Ewell Road,Cheam,Surrey,SM3 8AB
Type Grammar school for girls
Places in Year 7  210
Exam Format

 Entrance to Year 7 is via a two stage process sat at the School which determines whether or not candidates are of the School’s required standard for a selective education. The process is academically demanding and they generally expect only those students who have high attainment and rigorous preparation to pass the tests.

All girls must sit and pass all parts of the two stage Entrance Tests.

Stage 1:The first stage is theSelective Eligibility Test

Stage 2: The second stage is the Nonsuch and Wallington Second Stage Entrance Examination

The Selective Eligibility Test (SET)Stage 1 assesses students competency in English, Maths. Two multiple choice tests: a Mathematics test and an English test.

Stage 2 Entrance Test is for Mathematic and English. Those girls who achieve at least the minimum qualifying threshold in the Stage 1 will be
invited back to sit the Stage 2 test, which comprises two tests: one in Mathematics and one in English, neither of which is multiple choice.
The English paper will assess the students competency in Reading as well in Writing skills.

It should be noted that Wallington High Grammar School and other Sutton Grammar School(Greenshaw High School& Nonsuch High School for Girls) have a common Second Stage Entrance Examinations. Only candidates who have passed Stage 1 test(Selective Eligibility Test) are invited for the Second Stage Examination.
Candidates must pass both parts of the test ie Stage 1 & 2 to be eligible for a place. Based on the score in both stages a total score is computed and it will be used to create ranked lists.

Competition High.It is a popular selective grammar school for girls.
School Website http://www.nonsuchschool.org
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Disclaimer: Please check with the latest school website and Sutton council site for latest  up to date information.


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