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Verbal Reasoning 11+ Preparation

General Information for preparing Verbal Reasoning 11+

Verbal Reasoning 11+

The Verbal Reasoning 11+ tests the child’s ability to understand and work through a concept and logically solve problems that are written in words. Verbal reasoning tells the examiner how well a child can extract and work with information which is presented to him, understanding the meaning and implications of the text provided.  Core focus in such tests are on the ability to think logically using words or collection of words and make logical inferences. 11+ Verbal reasoning tests tries to gauge students’ ability to think constructively, reason using concepts framed in words & interpret various words in context rather than simple fluency in vocabulary. Verbal reasoning test are generally a good indicator of academic ability.
At Elite 11 plus tuitions we help students to develop the ability to analyse and evaluate written information while also looking for word relationship and concept recognition. Verbal reasoning is a test of a skill rather than a test of learned knowledge. Our tutors at Elite tuitions help students to develop thier critical thinking ability to solve problems.
Broadly the Verbal Reasoning 11+ test covers most of the KS2 syllabus.

Core area which are absolutely must when preparing for a test in verbal reasoning are as below:

  • Spelling & vocabulary (synonym & antonym)
  • Reading & comprehension for making logical inferences.
  • Problem solving & information processing skills
  • Familiarity and comfort in dealing with a variety of verbal reasoning type questions such as cloze questions  or selection & sorting of words based on certain logical criteria

11+ verbal reasoning test papers’ format vary based on the exam body that prepares the test paper. In other words, the exam format and question types for a verbal reasoning test paper will vary depending on the local authority in which the grammar school is located or they will vary based on a specific grammar school. It should be noted here that some schools prefer to prepare their own 11 plus verbal reasoning tests and so their exam format can be different from the typical exam board papers. Some schools simply change the style of the paper every year in order to keep the test fresh and challenging. Read on how Elite 11 Plus Tuition can help your child prepare for these tests.


Verbal Reasoning Test Tips

We focus on the below mentioned specific areas to develop the child’s ability in reasoning type tests for 11 plus exams.

  • Spelling & Vocabulary- We have our own specialist list of words for vocabulary improvement, which students need to master in terms of spelling as well meaning. Focus is laid on synonyms (words that mean the same thing or have similar definitions), antonyms(words that have opposite meaning) homophones&  homographs.
  • Reading & Literacy: We focus on reading for understanding, making children aware of various language skills that are commonly tested such as parts of speech and figures of speech.
  • Word related problems: We help kids develop skills in various word related problems such as selecting words, sorting words, familiarity with codes and sequences and making logical deduction using the information provided.
  • Familiarisation of question types: Focus on developing various question types in 11+ verbal reasoning tests, complimented by focus on vocabulary & spelling development. Emphasis is paid on developing the skill to ascertain the relationship between words or group of words.
  • Comprehension- The main objective of any comprehension test of a competitive exam are designed to assess the verbal ability, language skills, the knowledge of the child on vocabulary,  grammar and understanding of written English passages. To prepare the child in dealing with such areas we focus on developing skills like reading for understanding.
  • Thinking skills:  Elite 11 plus tuitions we help students to develop their ability to follow complex instructions by giving them tips on solving complex and layered problems. Ability to interchange change letters, numbers or words, ability to recognize facts and deduce direct or indirect clues and thereby deduct maximum information to come to a conclusion are some of the things which we teach the students.

Our carefully designed tuition program covers all relevant 11+ verbal reasoning topics and students feel fully equipped with all the knowledge and exam taking skills before they appear for the tests.  At the end of 2 years of rigorous preparation at Elite Tuitions, students are fully confident to appear for high ranking grammar school tests in areas like Bromley, Bexley, Sutton and Kent and hopefully pass with flying colours. We provide tuitions to pupils specifically targeting St. Olave’s & Newstead


Verbal Reasoning 11 Plus for Parents

Parents who wish to prepare their child for the 11 Plus exams will first need to  assess their child’s ability in 11 plus verbal reasoning subject.  Elite 11 plus tuition have their own methodology to assess the child’s current level of skills and understanding of verbal reasoning type questions. This helps us to design a bespoke pathway for your child, so that they can reach the expected standards towards the end of the 11+ tuition program. We at Elite 11 plus tuitions, assess various aspects of the child’s current ability which makes it easier for us to analyse their progress along the way.
Parents, if you child is in year 4 and you are thinking of starting their preparation for 11 plus exams, then below are some guidelines for you.


Verbal reasoning for year 4

  • Parents must regularly spend time with their kid reading every day. Especially reading with child and later discussing the pages read is invaluable. In the beginning try to find what interests the child and give your children reading material which they might enjoy. Don’t ever force them when it comes to reading rather a gentle coaxing always helps. Try to develop think and logical reasoning skills once children have read the text. Try to play word meaning games using any difficult words which the child encounters while reading.
  • Children should be encouraged to play word and language related games such as scrabble, hangman, crosswords and word search. Parents can use shop bought board games, paper print out or mobile apps for generating the child’s interest.
  • Introduce the child to a variety of words used in daily life and start paying attention on synonym & antonyms of various words which they use every day.
  • Weekends can be spent playing word games as a family as spotting the odd word out, solving anagrams, and finding synonyms and antonyms for words and progress should be noted every weekend. It doesn’t harm if any progress is rewarded by giving the child small prizes while the whole family applauds. This activity will not only develop the child’s interest in verbal reasoning skills but also  boost his confidence in the long run.


Verbal reasoning for year 5

  • Parents must introduce the child to some past verbal reasoning test practice papers at the beginning of year 5.
  • Elite 11 plus tuitions will provide our strategies and framework to help the child practice verbal reasoning tests questions and we expect the parents to help the child into a weekly schedule to be able to achieve regularity. .
  • It is highly recommended that parents should encourage regular reading habits and ensure that a schedule is followed. They should start introducing the child to wide variety of books to help him develop a rich vocabulary and to help him spell correctly.
  • Test the child’s understanding of a wide variety of word related problems, focus on misspelled words from time to time, without putting too much pressure on the child. Teach them to pay attention when solving any reasoning type questions.

Elite 11 plus Tuition offers courses starting from Year 4 and continued in Year 5 till the end of examination.
Super selective schools and schools where there is an intense competition to secure a place, the verbal reasoning  paper will include several questions which will stretch the students’ knowledge of verbal reasoning skills.

We sincerely believe that your childs well being is important as we think 11 plus preparation can be stressfull for most kids. Some children are naturally skilled in dealing with additional pressure on account of 11 plus while there may be some kids who might feel stressed and show performance anxiety. We at Elite 11 Plus Tuition have teachers who are fully qualified UK teachers and who have experience in working with children to alleviate their stress and provide techniques and strategies to reduce preformance stress and increase mental sharpness.

If you want to know more about this the please drop us an email at info@elite11plustuition.co.uk or call us at 0330 113 7996 now.