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Kent Grammar Schools|11 Plus examination

Kent Grammar Schools 11 Plus

In UK,Kent is one area where one finds large number of grammar schools.There are thirty two Grammar Schools in Kent

To be considered for a year 7 place in any of the Kent grammar schools ,the prospective boy or girl needs to pass the Kent 11 plus test.Admissions into Kent grammar schools are managed through Kent County Council and parents must contact Kent County council to register their child for the Kent 11 plus tests which is typically held in September every year.

Kent 11 plus test is a new adopted version of previous 11 + test.This test assess pupil’s ability in NUMERICAL and LITERARY UNDERSTANDING.

The Kent 11 plus test has following multiple choice format tests :

1)Maths & English test

2)Reasoning test ( Both Verbal Reasoning & Non Verbal Reasoning)

3)Written task


The score for Kent test varies every year.If the majority of students scored highly in the test, the pass marks would be higher however if majority of students scored less, than the pass marks would be lower.The students need to score minimum 320 out of 420,however for many SUPER SELECTIVE Kent Grammar schools students need to score atleast 400 or more to have a serious chance of getting in.

Importantly it should be noted some Kent Grammar schools which are super selective focus purely on test score however some schools give preference to students who live locally, so students who are local to a Kent Grammar school can get into them at a lower Kent 11 plus test score.

Please find below 8 Kent grammar schools.

Please refer the link below to access more specific details about each of the schools:

The Judd Grammar School

The Skinners’ School

Dartford Grammar School

Tonbridge School

Tunbridge Wells Girl’s Grammar School

Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys

Wilmington Boys Grammar School

Wilmington Girls Grammar School

Disclaimer: Please check with the latest school website and Kent council site for latest  up to date information.