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Wilson’s Grammar school 11+

General Information for preparing  Wilson’s Grammar school 11+

About Wilson’s Grammar School for Boys

Wilsons Grammar School is a super selective grammar school for Boys based in Sutton.It is generally considered to attract students with very high attainment. Its 11 plus examination is considered to be one of the more challenging one for grammar schools in England Wilsons Grammar School has a specialism in mathematics and computing and lately for the arts (media). Girls are admitted in 6th form.
In the school there is a strong emphasis of nurturing young minds with wisdom, honesty and character building values. They provide excellent teaching that enables students to attain the highest levels of academic achievement. They prepare students for admission to and success at the best universities. It is one of the country’s highly successful voluntary-aided selective schools. The academic results are one of the best in the country. Apart from academic success school also values sporting, cultural and moral excellence. The school was founded by Edward Wilson in 1615 and was located in Camberwell, now part of Greater London. It obtained the assent of the crown in the later years.


London Borough London – Borough of Sutton
School Address Wilson’s School,Mollison Drive,Wallington,Surrey,SM6 9JW
Type Boys’ Grammar
Places in Year 7  180
Exam Structure & Format

Entrance to Year 7 is via a two stage process sat at the School which determines whether or not candidates are of the School’s required standard for a selective education.

The process is academically demanding and they generally expect only those students who have high attainment and rigorous preparation to pass the tests.

Stage 1:

The Selective Eligibility Test (SET) assesses students competency in English, Maths .

Stage 2:
Entrance Test is for Mathematic and English.
The English paper will assess the students competency in Reading as well in Writing skills.The Mathematics Test Paper will consist of questions of generally increasing difficulty.

It should be noted that Wilson’s School and OTHER Sutton Grammar School
who are a part of the participating schools have a common selective Entrance Examinations for both stage 1 & 2. Only candidates who have passed Stage 1 test(Selective Eligibility Test) are invited for the Second Stage Examination.
The outcome of the Second test is used to determine eligibility to be considered for a place at Wilson School.
It is important to note that Wilson’s School and OTHER Sutton Grammar Schools have different Admissions Criteria and different methods of combining the scores from the SET Stage 1 and Stage 2 Examinations and of calculating the final outcome of the entrance tests for their respective schools.

Competition Very High.It is considered to be a super selective grammar school.
School Website https://www.wilsons.school/
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Disclaimer: Please check with the latest school website and Sutton council site for latest  up to date information.


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